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Plug-ins are a great way to extend the functionality of your website. There are over 45,000 available and can be used from anything you could hope to do. They can help with making your website function faster, providing you with better functionality, allowing for better social network sharing, and providing better SEO support.

Adding Plugins To Your Website

You can easily add new plugins to your website by navigation to Plugins > Add New.

That said, when choosing new plugins to install, be sure to check on the following items:

  • is this plugin compatible with the version of WordPress that you use?
  • are there any known security issues with this plugin? (You may have to do a Google search to discover this)
  • is there a way to accomplish what I am looking to do without this plugin?

Please always keep in mind that the more plugins you add to your website, the more you may be compromising the speed and security of your website.

Plugins Already Installed On Your Website

Your website includes the following plugins, unless communicated to you in your training session: