The About Us Page

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The About Us page is available on nearly every website. What makes it surprising is that this page is often misguided and does not actually add any value to your website visitor. The reason for an About Us page seems to get lost from time to time, and is sometimes only there as an afterthought because everyone else seems to have one. This is one of the hardest pages on your website to write, so we’re dedicating a whole day just to it.

The purpose for the About Us page should be to continue building trust with a website visitor. If someone is not already a customer, they are trying to understand who you are and what you do. In this respect, you should look at your About Us page as an opportunity to convince them why working with you or buying from you is the right move. The general rule of thumb is that your About Page isn’t actually about you – it’s about how you can help the website visitor.

While it’s important to meet with the expectations of the page being about your company, you will want to ensure that you continue to promote what you can do for the website visitor. This is a great opportunity to tell a story about how you are able to assist with their needs, address pain points and the success you’ve had in your field. Humility can be charming, but don’t shy away from posting your accomplishments, success stories and dazzling recommendations. This section makes for the ideal place to let people know that you excel at what you do and that conducting business with you will be beneficial for all involved.

An old adage in sales is facts tell but stories sell. Try and engage with your visitors on a personal level by providing anecdotes which bolster the point that you would make an excellent company to do business with.

When writing your About Us page, remember that you are writing for your target client or customer. It’s okay to turn people away who wouldn’t be a good fit to work with, as long as you are drawing in the people that you want to work with. For example, if you were a piano repairman, you wouldn’t want to write an About Us page that attracts someone looking for a someone who does tennis racquet restringing. Keep this in mind and remember to answer any questions that your clients or customers typically ask you in the beginning of the sales process.

Some questions you should answer on your About Us page:

  • Who are you?
  • How long has your company been in business?
  • Who do you work with?
  • How do you solve your website visitors pain points?
  • How are your target customers biggest concerns about working with you not true?
  • What does your business do that no one else can do?

Some other things you may want to include on your About Us page:

  • Headshots of you and your team members
  • Your mission and vision statements
  • Fun facts about you and your company
  • Testimonials from some of your favourite clients
  • A timeline of your company’s biggest highlights
  • Most importantly: a call to action to work with you!